Monday, December 27, 2010

Will Paper Money Become Worthless?

Many recent predictions paint a picture of doom and gloom for the American dollar. Asian countries that are emerging as economic powerhouses will negatively influence the value of the American dollar. In general, paper money will become almost worthless and a new economic system may emerge.

Owning actual silver or silver mining shares is an opportunity to hold on to your wealth. In an inflationary environment you want to own as many actual physical assets as possible, not just paper money. Paper money can be debased through manipulation. So, what exactly is an asset? An asset is what you can trade as a measure of worth for products or services that you want. Precious metals have been recognized as assets since biblical times.

Putting your money in the bank does not give you a fair return on your deposits.
The first problem is that your return on loaning your money to the bank is extremely low.
Unless you have a money market account with a return higher than three percent, the value of your money will constantly erode.

The second problem is that most people do not realize that the bank makes six to eight dollars for every one dollar in your account. Imagine that! Through the system of fractional reserve and centralized banking you finance the lifestyles of banking executives.

To protect your wealth the first thing you should do is stay away from incurring any debt that does not return a profit to you. Or at least maintains a return that equals the rate of inflation. One way to do this is through the purchase of silver assets in the form of coins or bullion. Silver coins are recognized regionally and internationally as a means of wealth and exchange.

Wealth is recognized not by work, but by control of the press. Creating money through the power of the printing press leads to socialism. Inheritance and work are the primary ways individuals acquire wealth. Governments acquire wealth through taxation. Governments also produce wealth by printing and regulating paper money. Owning precious metals such as silver coins and bullion reduces the dependence on fiat currencies mandated by the governments। What can be mandated in as an item of value can also be mandated out as an item of value.
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